Why You Shouldn’t Dig Holes at the Beach

The Outer Banks is known for being the ultimate family beach destination. This is because of the freedom, adventure, and fun that the area represents to all who visit or live on the coast. While the area is open to explore and enjoy, there are a few activities visitors should avoid while at the beach. One such activity is digging holes on the beach. It may sound simple and harmless, but it has grown to be quite an issue over the past few years. Read below to learn why you and your family should not dig holes when on the Outer Banks’ beautiful beaches.

Beaches are Less Navigable for Lifeguards

Don’t let your hole in the sand make it more difficult than necessary for lifeguards and other emergency response vehicles to get to their destination both quickly and safely. When beach goers dig large holes in the sand, they create dangerous obstacles that those who patrol the beach on 4 wheelers and other off-road vehicles must navigate around. This can not only slow vehicles down when responding to emergencies, but also creates a major hazard for these vehicles as well.

They Can Cave In

Over the past few years there has been incidents where holes that have been dug in the sand have suddenly collapsed on the people inside. These accidents have proven to be dangerous and even fatal. Once a hole in the sand gets more than a few feet deep, the walls of the hole can easily cave in on those inside. With that said, avoid digging holes altogether!

The Potential to Cause Injuries to Unsuspecting Beach Goers

Those who are walking or running up and down the beach do not expect to come across holes in the sand when enjoying the area. These unexpected holes can cause injuries to runners and walkers if they were to fall into them or place their foot in them. Don’t let a hole that you have dug cause a twisted ankle or worse!

Find Other Ways to Have Fun at the Beach

There are endless ways to spend time on the beach, whether you are in the sand or on the water. Beach game rentals, Outer Banks kayak rentals, and surfboard rentals are just a few of the ways your family and friends can maximize their fun during an Outer Banks vacation.

Avoiding the digging of holes on the beach is just one way we can create a safer beach environment for everyone around us. Our beaches are meant for fun and relaxation, so avoiding mishaps and injuries will only create a better beach experience and a stronger Outer Banks community.