Outer Banks Bike Safety Tips


The Outer Banks are a paradise for the vacationer who enjoys exploring. Around here, you truly never know what you will find along our beaches. One of the best ways to explore our area is on bicycle. The Outer Banks’ beautiful neighborhoods, trails, and bike paths are very convenient for those who enjoy traveling via bicycle. The most popular bikes to ride in town are beach cruisers, which offer an extremely relaxed and comfortable ride. If you plan on riding your bike around the Outer Banks, be sure to do so in a safe manner. Read below for a few extremely important bicycle safety tips.

Use the Bike Path

Many Outer Banks beach towns have a path for the use of cyclists, walkers, and runners that sits next to the beach road (HWY 12/South Va. Dare Trail). Make an effort to use these paths as much as possible as they are much safer than riding on the beach road itself. You will be able to enjoy your ride knowing that you are out of harm’s way. We understand that bikers will not always be able to use the bike path, and that there are certain situations when using the road is necessary. With that said, Sheila Bray kindly mentioned “bikers need to know the rules:  ride with traffic when on a bike, not against it!” Sheila couldn’t be more correct. For further information regarding  bike laws and policies, visit the NCDOT Bicycle Laws Page.

Avoid the Bypass when Possible

The only time that you should ride your bike on the bypass is when you have to cross over it to reach your destination. Other than that, steer clear of it. Between the side streets and designated bike paths, there are plenty of options for bike travel that are much safer than the bypass.

Use Stop Lights when Crossing Bypass

One of the most dangerous actions cyclists can take is to cross the bypass in a random area. Motorists are often not alert enough to spot someone on a bicycle if they are not looking for them. Cross the bypass at an intersection in which there is a stop light. That way, when you cross the bypass motorists will be alert.

Stay Alert

It is just as much the cyclists’ responsibility to remain alert when traveling along the Outer Banks as it is the motorists.’ When riding on the bike paths, always keep an eye out for cars backing out of driveways and passing pedestrians.

Don’t Ride at Night

It is very difficult to be seen on your bicycle at night time. While reflectors help, they are not very effective in alerting drivers of your presence. It is for these reasons that it is best to avoid riding your bike at night.

Riding a bike is a great way to check out everything the Outer Banks has to offer and have a good time while doing so. Use these safety tips to ensure you get from point A to point B in a safe fashion.


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