Avoid Leaving Equipment at Beach Overnight

Every beach-goer has their “go to” beach items. There are some things that we simply cannot enjoy our time at the beach without. It could be a surfboard, kayak, a cooler we have had for years, or a trusty umbrella. In recent years, the popularity of pop-up tents has increased dramatically because they create the perfect beach “base camp” for the entire day. However, it is important to bring these items back to your home or vacation rental after your day at the beach is over. Learn why you should always bring your tents, umbrellas, chairs, and other Outer Banks beach equipment with you at the end of your beach day by reading below.

The Beach is Everyone’s to Share

Many visitors to the Outer Banks’ beaches have heard the phrase, “Leaving nothing but footprints.” This phrase does not only apply to trash, but also our beach items. Have some courtesy for your fellow vacationers who are trying to enjoy their time in the sand by bringing all of your beach items with you when you head back over the dune. Even here on the OBX, our beaches in town can become a little busy during those hot, mid-summer days. With that said, let others enjoy your space on the beach when you leave by removing tents, chairs, umbrellas, volleyball nets, etc.

This Equipment Slows Emergency Response Time

Tents, volleyball nets, umbrellas, and other equipment left unattended on the beach only serve as obstacles for lifeguards who are trying to keep our beaches safe. Don’t force lifeguards and EMT personnel to navigate around your equipment in the case of an emergency.

You May be Violating a Town Ordinance

After years of seeing an increase in the amount of items left at the beach overnight, Outer Banks towns began to develop policies to solve this issue. Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, and Nags Head have policies in place that force unattended equipment left on the beach after dusk to be considered trash. These items are then picked up by town employees and taken to the dump. Kill Devil Hills has taken a slightly different approach by tagging equipment left on the beach. These “tags” include brochures that inform citizens why they should not leave unattended equipment on the beach.

Your Equipment Could be Stolen

Don’t be taken advantage of simply because you have left beach equipment in the sand after the sun has set. Those who walk along the shoreline at night may often assume that equipment has simply been “forgotten” and take it from the beach. Don’t fall victim to theft and bring your equipment with you!

Avoid leaving your items unattended on the beach and have a wonderful trip to the Outer Banks! Whether it is a surfboard rental in Nags Head, or a tent rental in Corolla, it should not be left unattended on the beach!