Foam Surfboard


Foam surfboards are designed with a soft top for beginners learning to surf.

  • 6′ length – kids under 150 lbs. (Product Demand: Normal)
  • 7′ length – bigger kids and teens. (Product Demand: Normal)
  • 8′ length – big teens and adults. (Product Demand: High)

Surfboard colors vary.


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Foam surfboards are designed with the beginner surfer in mind! Soft top surfboards are great for learning to surf.

Performance is not the focus of these boards. Learn to surf on “forgiving” foam equipment. Foam surfboards are great for working on “popping up” and paddling for waves. These surfboards are great for those who may be intimidated by harder surfboards with rigid fins. Foam surfboards can be waxed, but it is not required, as they are made of smooth bodyboard foam. Surfboard colors vary.

Our Sizes Include:

  • 6′ length for kids under 150 lbs.
  • 7′ length is best for bigger kids and teens
  • 8′ lengths for big teens and adults.

(Optional) Surf wax available for $3.00

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6', 7', 8'