Why You Should Rent a Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) on the Outer Banks

SUPStand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is an extremely popular watersport, especially on the Outer Banks because of our natural beauty and easy access to the sound and the ocean. SUPing is a sport that almost everyone can enjoy. Read on to discover why you should rent a stand-up paddle board on your next Outer Banks vacation.

Amazing Location

The Outer Banks is the perfect location for stand-up paddle boarding. Our close proximity and easy access to the sound and the ocean offers endless amazing locations to explore. If you are unsure of your ability, the sound is the perfect place to start as it is usually calm with no waves. The sound water is warm and shallow to walk out in from most sound-side public accesses. Plan an evening SUP adventure and catch one of our beautiful sunsets over the sound. Check out our Top Spots to Launch a Kayak post for some great sound-side public accesses to start your SUP adventure from. The sound side is also a great spot to try SUP Yoga! Our 9’ Soft SUP board is extremely popular for yoga.

If you already have experience SUPing, or once you feel comfortable, consider moving your adventures to the ocean. We recommend always SUPing on a calm day. Stay out past the wave break to avoid being accidentally tumbled by a wave, and if you feel confident, try paddling in on a wave for a fun ride!

Great Exercise

Stand-up paddle boarding can provide excellent exercise. Balancing on the board works your core and legs while paddling gives your arms a great workout. The best part is that you can control the intensity and it’s just as easy to take a leisurely paddle through the water. SUP yoga has become popular and is a great way to work on balance and strength with your yoga moves.

Fun for Everyone

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is very easy to learn. The large boards float easily. Most people don’t need lessons and with a rental you don’t need expensive gear to get started. Individuals of all ages and abilities enjoy it – even pets like to go for a ride! Get your whole group on an adventure together, or take a solo cruise. We have three paddle boards to choose from that are perfect for those that are beginner to intermediate level: our 9’ Soft SUP is a soft board that is great for riders with a small to medium build (under 200lbs). The 10’4 Standard SUP is a hard board that is best for riders of medium to large build (under 200lbs). And finally, our 11’4 XL SUP is a hard board that is best suited for riders of a large to heavy build.

Paddle, leash, and life vest come with all SUP rentals!

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