New Bike path on Hatteras Island

Good news came this year to all residents and visitors of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo and Avon. After years of anticipation, a sidewalk has been built on the sound side of these villages. The days of the dangerous ride or walk along Highway 12 are a memory. Day or night people can now safely explore more of the treasures of the Outer Banks without the fear of maneuvering or trusting the frequent traffic on Route 12.

The new sidewalk not only provides piece of mind for the avid jogger, cyclist or casual pedestrian but also makes more available several of the sound side treasures. Treasures that have been commonly neglected in the past in lieu of safety. Grab your favorite sneakers, skateboard or just rent a bike from us and investigate the wildlife of Hatteras or the splendid homes that grace this special island. No matter where you ride, please use a bike light at night!