Life is a beach, if you have the right gear!

We are all consumers. We have all bought something and have been asked if we want the extended warranty with the TV, a necktie with that new suit or the heated seats on a new SUV. You may get the same attempt from our sales reps at our rental centers! Before you have a flashback from your last visit to the car dealership however, consider this. Why do I need that umbrella table with my rental? Experience has taught us, not only is it the best way to keep your phone in the shade and out of the sand but is designed to perfectly hold four canned beverages in a cozy! I know, right? The back rests for our ocean kayaks are also a big upgrade. If you want some torque to catch those waves or are simply getting the most out of your rental with an all day excursion, then don’t not leave this inexpensive item behind. Lumbar support is essential for the full kayaking experience. Are you taking a long bike ride and decide you don’t need to wear that sweatshirt anymore?

What if you’re already far from home on your ride and want to get some quick items from the market or tee shirt shop? Where do I put sunblock and a bottle of water on this beach cruiser? These are serious concerns for a sunny bike ride but we have another inexpensive, life saving solution. Add a bike basket that fits right on the handlebars. They are easy on and easy off. You will not even notice it’s there unless full of ice cold beer. Please remember, we do not just rent these items, we use them ourselves. Life is a beach, if you have the right gear!