Why everyone wants to surf the Outer Banks

Our customers come from all around the United States. We see people from other parts of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania but also Oregon, Florida, California and even Hawaii! What could possibly bring these travelers so far?  One answer is the awesome surfing.  There is no question that the Outer Banks is a must for surfing enthusiasts.  Several infamous spots such as Rodanthe’s “S-Turns”, the Avon Pier and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton have put the Outer Banks on the map as a unique venue for this popular activity.  Hatteras Island from top to bottom has a plentiful amount of places to surf.  The greatest allure to these spots are their ability to compliment surfers of all abilities.  The summertime is ideal for beginners to get wet on manageable long board waves.  The fall hurricane swells provide the steep and competitive surf that attracts national interest and some of the most competitive surfers in the sport.  The best part however is that really any time of the year there is a wave for everyone and anyone who has the drive to do so.  So put those nerves on the back burner, grab your rental board from us and take the plunge to join the Dawn Patrol.  Our Avon team is happy to help you with any surfboard questions or renting you the gear you need at 252-995-5868