Choose our Beach Umbrella Service when Staying Oceanfront

Umbrella RentalsNothing beats a summer day spent at the beach. Soaking up the sun’s rays, swimming, and playing beach games with friends are what have made the Outer Banks such a well-known vacation destination. However, one of the biggest hassles to any beach day is carrying all of your heavy beach chairs and umbrellas over the dune to the water’s edge. It is for this reason that we are now offering our OBX Beach Umbrella Service for the 2015 season! In addition to delivering your beach items to your ocean-front rental cottage, we will now set up and break down your beach chairs and umbrellas for 6 days in a row! Read below to find out why our OBX Beach Umbrella Service is a fantastic option for any family staying in an ocean-front vacation rental.

You are On Vacation

Our Beach Umbrella Service will remind you that your family is on vacation every single day we arrive to set up your spot on the beach. Your family members won’t have to go through the trouble of carrying those heavy chairs and umbrellas over the dune. Furthermore, we will even send you a text message when the setup is complete! Have you ever wished that you could easily bring food or drinks down to the beach without having to have a chair or umbrella in your other arm? Now you will be able to make less trips back and forth to your beach cottage while having everything you need right in one place.

Enjoy the Best Equipment at the Beach

Don’t force yourself to sit in uncomfortable beach chairs and use ineffective beach umbrellas during your Outer Banks vacation! Our sturdy wooden and canvas beach chairs and umbrellas will have you relaxing in style! Our umbrellas will be sunken deep into the sand to enable their heavy wooden frames to stand up to the strong southwest breeze that is common during summer afternoons. After over 35 years of Outer Banks equipment rental experience, we know what works best!

Save Room in the Car

Allowing us to bring your beach equipment to your ocean-front rental and set it up for you will give you that extra space in the car you so badly need when traveling our beach. You will now have room to bring extra clothes or maybe even an extra guest with you! Also, you won’t have to waste time purchasing cheap chairs and umbrellas once you arrive only to have them break during your stay.

The days of leaving all of your equipment on the beach are quickly fading. Many Outer Banks towns are now enforcing ordinates that make it illegal to leave your items on the beach overnight. Enjoy your Outer Banks vacation the hassle-free way by letting us assist your beach setup needs on a daily basis! Once set up, your beach base camp will feel like an extension of your rental cottage.