4 Ways to Bring the Baby on Your OBX Vacation without a Hassle

CribBringing the baby on a family beach vacation can often be such a hassle, that some families choose to wait a few years to visit the beach with their child. The long list of items and needs that any baby will have can be difficult to provide when not in the home. Luckily, we specialize in providing and delivering the most inconvenient baby items to travel with here at Ocean Atlantic Rentals. Keep us in mind when booking your next Outer Banks vacation to enjoy a wonderful time at the beach with your young child!

Leave the Crib at Home

Avoid the hassle of dismantling your child’s crib, then finding a place for it in your car. Instead, simply have the crib and its sheets delivered when you arrive at your vacation rental! You will enjoy the extra space in the car during your family’s trip to the Outer Banks!

Turn Your Vacation Rental into a Baby Safe Zone

In addition to the space saved in by not having to stuff your baby’s crib into the family car, you can also save space by having a variety of other items delivered for your convenience.  High chairs, and baby gates will help turn your vacation rental into a stress free baby area!

Easily Take Your Baby on an Outer Banks Walk or Ride

If you like to stay active on your vacations, but think your lack of proper baby equipment might hold you back. Think again! Here at Ocean Atlantic Rentals we have jogger strollers, tricycles, and kiddy cart bike trailers that well let you take your baby with you wherever you go! Whether you prefer to walk or ride around the Outer Banks, your baby can easily come too.

Create a Baby Basecamp on the Beach

There are generally two things that keep you and your baby from enjoying a full day at the beach when on vacation, the sun and the ocean. Every parent knows that babies need protection from the sun and that finding a properly fitting life jacket for your child can be difficult. Luckily, we have excellent baby cabanas and life jackets that will have your child beaching it in style!

Don’t let the troubles of bringing your baby with you on vacation keep your family from enjoying the beach. Simply book the necessary Outer Banks rentals for your baby and have them delivered when you arrive. Our area prides itself on being an area that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and that includes the babies in the group!