Corolla Watersports on the Sound

Corolla is one of the best locations for watersports. There are many types of watersports to try during a trip to the Outer Banks. From kayaking to stand up paddleboarding, there are watersports available for all athletic abilities and for each member of your family. Watersports are great ways to explore the Outer Banks, its nature, and its wildlife in a unique way. Check out some of the best watersports on the sound, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, for an Outer Banks adventure right in Corolla.


Kayaking on the sound can be a fun watersport for each member of the family. It is a fairly easy and low impact watersport. Many people enjoy kayaking on the Currituck Sound, while seeing and exploring the Outer Banks. The water is usually calm and shallow. Traveling by kayak is a great way to see wildlife, such as turtles, geese, ducks, and birds, and to see the beautiful nature of the Outer Banks. You can find numerous places to start kayaking in Corolla but a trip down to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge or near the Waterfront Shops in Duck would make for a great adventure as well.

If you enjoy fishing, consider trying kayak fishing during a visit to the Outer Banks. It has become more common recently, and kayak fishing is a unique way to go fishing while on the Currituck sound. This would be a great activity for all ages. You can see the variety of nature offered by the Currituck Outer Banks while having a unique adventure on the sound. Outer Banks kayak rentals provide you with a great opportunity to explore the views of the Outer Banks from a different perspective.

 Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is another common watersport on the Outer Banks, and has grown in popularity over the past few years. Essential equipment for paddleboarding includes boards, which are available in different sizes and styles based on the comfort level of the paddler, the paddle, and other items such as the leash and personal flotation device for your safety. Whether you are a beginner or experienced paddler, you can enjoy the unique experience of paddle boarding on the Currituck sound during your stay in Corolla.

Enjoying watersports during a trip to the Outer Banks is a great way to explore the area with your family and friends. Check out watersports equipment and enjoy a different way to explore the sound by the Outer Banks! Kayaking and standup paddleboarding are two of the most common watersports you can try on the sound here by the Outer Banks. If you are also interested in watersports for the ocean, consider skimboarding and surfing at the beach! Rent some equipment and get started on your outdoor adventure during a stay on the Outer Banks!

Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are both extremely large pieces of equipment. With that said, let Ocean Atlantic Rentals bring your kayak or Corolla SUP rental to you and avoid the hassle of bringing your own when traveling to the area.