8 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Tent Ceiling

Once you’ve decided on the perfect tent for your Outer Banks wedding, you may be wondering how you are going to turn it into a beautiful and unique space for your special day. Let us take you through some of the best ways to decorate your wedding tent ceiling to transform your setting into an unforgettable atmosphere!

Lined Ceiling

Choosing a full ceiling liner is a beautiful and elegant way to easily cover the entire tent ceiling. The example below includes the addition of our gorgeous hanging wrought iron chandeliers as a subtle and sophisticated accent. As you can see, with a pleated and fully lined ceiling, there is plenty of interest and beauty created without the need for extra decoration.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging flower arrangements are a natural and beautiful way to decorate your wedding tent ceiling. This type of design is great for bohemian, natural, and rustic themes. Using flowers still allows you the freedom to mix colors and get creative with different types of flowers, while also keeping things elegant and natural. In the example below, the hanging flower arrangements are hanging from draping fabrics running over top of our pool cover dancefloor.


Draping fabrics from the center point of the ceiling down to the outer edges and sides of the tent is a great way to add depth and texture to your wedding tent ceiling. Mix and match colors and fabrics, or add in some string lights to flow with the drapes for extra pizazz.


String Lights

String lights have become immensely popular in all areas of wedding decoration, and the tent ceiling is no different. String lights can make a statement when used alone, or can be the perfect way to complete your look when incorporated in with other ceiling decor. The example below shows string lights paired with crystal chandeliers for an elegant ambiance.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers have also continued to increase in popularity lately in all types of wedding themes. There’s just something about them that adds a striking, elegant effect to any space. Consider using multiple chandeliers as stand-alone pieces, or one chandelier as a bold statement in conjunction with extra decoration surrounding and highlighting it.

Paper Lanterns

Using paper lanterns is a fun way to add color to your ceiling design with a rainbow of colors and sizes available for use. Hang them on their own as shown in our first example below, or with other décor accents like string lights and branches.

Gobo Lighting

Another easy way to decorate the entire ceiling is to use gobo templates to project lighted designs or shadows onto your tent ceiling. You can use pre-made gobos or have them designed to almost anything you want, from fun floral patterns to your initials or names in a logo – get creative!  And because you are using the template in front of the light beam, you are still able to use different light colors, too.

Clear Top Tent

And finally, if coming up with a tent ceiling theme or décor is too much for you to handle, consider renting a clear top tent. These tents are a beautiful way to open your space to the natural elements of the sun, blue sky, and a starry night. Minimal features can be added for a breathtaking end result, and much less effort on your part! Shown below is a fully clear tent with string lights, and our clear top panel tent that has only the center panels open to ensure some protection from the sun.


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