Family-Friendly Running Paths on the Outer Banks

If you are looking for a good running route, but don’t want to leave the kids at home, check out one of these family-friendly running paths on the Outer Banks that are suitable to bring the kids along, even on a bike or in a stroller!

The Woods Road

The Woods Road runs along the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve. The paved multi-use path is separate from the road and is mostly flat but does have a few small twists and turns along the way that keep it interesting. Traffic on the road travels at a much slower speed than along the highway, making this pathway a safer choice to take the kids on bikes and in strollers.

There are many hiking trails within Kitty Hawk Woods that you may choose to explore off of the Woods Road path (check out the trail map here). Taking a stroller may be challenging in some areas, but bikes are welcome on designated trails. There is parking at the Paul Pruitt Park at the north end of the pathway and Sandy Run Park at the south end.

Southern Shores to Duck

This pathway runs along Highway 12, leaving a good amount of space between the road and the path. The path is a total of 10 miles long and is great for running, pushing a stroller, and having kids tagging along on bikes.

Once in the town of Duck, the pathway becomes a wide shoulder connected to the road, which is still very pedestrian-friendly even with kids. On the Southern Shores end, the path can be picked up anywhere along Highway 12 or once the road reaches Croatan Highway, the path continues west to Barlow Lane, coming to an end right before the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Nags Head Woods

There are many nature trails to explore within Nags Head Woods. They range in difficulty, so be sure to choose one that suits your needs. The ADA Trail is a concrete path/wooden walkway that was specifically designed to allow disabled children and those in wheelchairs to see the natural beauty of Nags Head Woods Maritime Forest, so it is perfect for strollers. The trail is a .5 mile loop around a freshwater pond, and has a scenic overlook of the marsh. Unfortunately, bikes are not allowed on any of the nature trails, but dogs are welcome if they are on a leash! Check out the trail map for more information.

If you don’t feel like bringing your bikes or strollers on your vacation, let us take care of it! We rent a single jogger stroller with a padded seat, easy folding ability, and reflective stitching for increased visibility. For the kids that are too big for the stroller we rent kids bikes.  Our 20 inch bike (currently not in stock) is available in specific models for boys and girls, or we have the smaller 16 inch single speed BMX style bike.

Helmets are required for riders under the age of 16 in North Carolina, so bring your helmets or request one with your rental! Training wheels are also available upon request. Call us with any questions 1-800-635-9559 or visit our website to explore all our rental options.