4 Must-Rent Items for a Perfect Kids Vacation

The Outer Banks has been a family vacation destination for decades. The family friendly atmosphere that makes up our area and the beautiful beaches that line our shores create the perfect place relax with the family. There is no experience more exciting for children than playing in the ocean or the sand. With that said, there’s multiple items that can enhance your family’s beach vacation which might be less than convenient to bring to the Outer Banks. Read below to find out the best items to rent for your children during your stay at the beach!

Soft SUP

Your kids will safely learn to stand up paddle board on the Soft SUP. Instead of a traditional epoxy or fiberglass construction, our soft SUP rentals have a foam core wrapped in a soft shell. Both children and adults under 200 pounds can perfect the art of SUPing in either the ocean or sound without fear of injury caused from a hard board.

Body Board

Body boarding, or “boogie boarding” as it is often called, is the best activity to get your children out in the ocean in a simple and safe manner. By making use of a body board rental, they can easily learn to ride the waves without having to worry about learning how to stand up. Furthermore, body boarding is quite safe as the boards are made out of soft foam which prevents injury. Once your child learns the basics of wave riding on their body board, using swim fins can enhance their ability to catch waves.

Beach Canopy Tent or Umbrella

Give your kids the ultimate beach base camp by renting one of our canopy tents or ultimate beach umbrellas. Having a little bit of shade when on the beach will allow your family to enjoy the sun and surf for as long as they want! Our tent rentals and umbrellas create the perfect hangout area to rest or enjoy a snack.


Explore our beaches and its surrounding areas the best way possible with your family, on a bicycle! In addition to bikes for adults, we have a wide variety of bikes to suit children of all ages. We have two different 3 sized kids’ bike rentals including 12 inch KaZAM bikes without pedals! KaZAM bikes are perfect for those children who don’t yet know how to balance on two wheels but are on their way to learning. We also have helmets for every member of the family to ensure you are biking safely.

Come see why children and their families have been enjoying active beach vacations by making use of Outer Banks rentals for decades!