4 Perfect Spring Outdoor Outer Banks Activities

Outer Banks Sand Dunes with Sand Fences

The spring season brings a lot of excitement to the Outer Banks. Warmer weather and the returning of seasonal employees and vacationers is a strong reminder that summer is just around the corner. Those planning Outer Banks vacations and the various activities in which they will embark on during their stay often overlook the spring season. Yet, the truth is the Outer Banks often gets excellent weather during this time of the year. The mild weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and everything the natural Outer Banks landscape has to offer. Read below to find out the best ways to enjoy the spring weather on our beach!

Explore the Sound on Kayak

Kayaks provide a great way to explore the waterways of the Outer Banks. Since they do not draw but a few inches of water, kayaks allow adventurers to see areas of the sound that standard watercraft cannot reach. One of the most underrated natural landscapes of the Outer Banks is the marshlands that sit west of the barrier islands. They are home to a huge variety of wildlife. When kayaking through them, you will see shallow water fish, cranes, and even mammals that live in the marsh. On a nice day, paddling through the soundside waters of the Outer Banks is an amazing experience. Outer Banks kayak rentals will provide your family with an experience they won’t soon forget!

Walk Through Nags Head Woods

Did you know that Nags Head is home to an awesome stretch of maritime forest? Nags Head Woods is one of the area’s best kept secrets and makes for a great place to run or walk. Rare Outer banks elevation changes accompanied by limited views of the Roanoke Sound to the west make these trails a true adventurer’s paradise. However, be sure to pay attention to the trails and their markings when in the preserve to avoid getting lost. Take some time to check out Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, you won’t be disappointed!

Have a Spring Beach Day

The water might be chilly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time on the beach on the Outer Banks during the spring! Simply take in the beautiful sights of the shoreline under your beach umbrella rental or enjoy some activity. Beach volleyball, cornhole, and many other fun beach games are a great way to get the most out of your Outer Banks beach time during the spring season. Late spring days often bring light winds to the Outer Banks. Light winds create excellent conditions to enjoy a beach picnic along with any other beach activity you can think of. Make the most of your spring stay on the OBX and hit the beach.

Go on a Bike Adventure

The Outer Banks has long been known as a great place to explore via bicycle. Many of the towns that line the coast have excellent bike paths that run along the beach road (HWY NC 12). Outer Banks bike rentals are the perfect way to check out the Outer Banks as you can easily stop into the area’s wonderful shops and restaurants. For more insight about traveling the Outer Banks via bike, check out our “Outer Banks Bike Safety Tips.”

Take our advice or enjoy any other Outer Banks activity you can think of. Just as long as you’re outside during this beautiful time of year, you can’t go wrong!