Easy Watersports for Families to Enjoy Together

When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for a family vacation, the Outer Banks simply can’t be beat. The beautiful beaches and the long list of things to do around the area offer something amazing for people of all ages. Family friendly watersports are one of the reasons many groups return to our beaches year after year. The warm summertime water combined with awesome waves and calm sound side waters create waterways that can host just about any activity you can think of. However, there are a few watersports that are ideal for families to enjoy together. Read below to find out more!


One of the best ways to casually enjoy the bodies of water that surround the Outer Banks is via kayak. Select a few double kayak rentals so your family members can truly paddle together or let everyone explore on their own single kayak rentals, the choice is up to you. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of places to kayak around the Outer Banks. Choose between an ocean paddle through the waves or tranquil paddles in the sound that will allow you to take in the surrounding marshlands and their amazing ecosystem. Kayaking is a safe and fun way to get the family together for a day on the water.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

While requiring a little bit of balance and strength, SUPing or stand up paddleboarding is an extremely fun water activity. Most of your family members should be able to pick up the activity in a relatively short period of time. From there, the will be able to explore the soundside areas of the Outer Banks or try their luck in the ocean. For experienced paddlers, riding waves in an option as well. SUPing truly gives paddlers the feeling of “walking on water” and is quite fun when accompanied by a few friends or family members. The ability to stand while paddling allows the paddler to see down into the water as if he or she was on a boat. This unique watersports view often results in some very interesting sightseeing. Grab a few stand up paddleboard rentals and get out there!

Body Boarding

Perhaps the simplest way to enjoy some quality water time with your family is to equip every family member with their own body board during your vacation. Also known as “boogie boarding,” body board rentals offer fun in its purest form! Laugh in excitement as you watch your family ride waves that send them speeding to the shoreline on a beautiful summer day. The sport doesn’t come without its fair share of fun wipeouts, but it also teaches those who enjoy the waves the basics of riding them. These fundamental wave riding skills can come in handy in the future when learning to surf.

No matter what type of watersport your family chooses to enjoy during your Outer Banks vacation, it is sure to be a great time! The atmosphere around our beaches is awesome during the summer and the memories you make while on the water will last a lifetime.