How to Have the Best Summer Family Vacation on the OBX!

There’s nothing better than a summer vacation with plenty of sun, sand and tons of fun! Do we need to tell you that a family vacation on the OBX is the best beach vacation, as the Outer Banks has been continually named one of the best beaches in the US? Kayaking, bike riding, fishing, golfing and building sandcastles on the beach are just the ticket to forgetting about the hustle and bustle of life back home.

Although traveling with children can be a challenge (“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”), it’s also a great opportunity to explore and take on new adventures.  Kids love different experiences, and that’s what an Outer Banks vacation is all about!

Planning a Family Vacation

A week-long family vacation can be exhausting and expensive if you simply try to ‘wing it’ when you arrive.  Carefully planning your OBX vacation will not only save you time and money, it will relieve you of the stress of planning, and keep things from running off the rails while you’re there (temper tantrum, anyone?).  Here are a couple of fun-filled family OBX vacation tips:

Realistic Budget for Outer Banks Beach Vacations

Prepare a Realistic Budget

Everything costs more when you’re traveling – it just does.  Carefully plan what you’ll need for the week, including any OBX vacation gear (beach equipment, vacation rental supplies, etc.)

  • Do your best to keep things economical (i.e., breakfast, lunch and beach snacks are made at home, then dinner out on the town).
  • Look for coupons, kids prices and special ‘discount’ days. Figure out what you can afford for travel and activities, and trim as needed to make it work.
  • Consider renting vs. buying when it comes to beach supplies, especially things that you can’t take home with you like a beach umbrella, cooler, or baby crib rental. Renting is just easier for short-term use and is definitely more economical – right down to the classic beach chair.

Always round up!  Tack on an extra 15% to pad your budget a bit. Do your best, but don’t stress over it.

Be Flexible!


Keep calm and enjoy your vacation.  The best way to do it is to give yourself a break now and then from being the boss.

  • Give the group a few activities to choose from on a rainy day or after a long day at the water park. Pop in a DVD, or how about a game of cornhole – one of the original beach games.
  • Want to go on an adventure but the kids seem cranky? For the little ones, an adult bike with child seat is the best choice to keep them entertained.
  • Grandparents have the kids for the day? Consider renting a golf cart for an afternoon ride.
  • When all else fails, take a family vote and roll with it. The result may surprise you.

When the kids are happy, everyone’s happy!

For information on making your vacation one to remember, contact us for more information on ways Ocean Atlantic Rentals can make your beach vacation the best ever!