Fun Spring Activities to Enjoy on the Sound

One of the best areas to plan your Outer Banks spring activities around is the sound. The ocean can be a little slow to warm up in the spring, but the sound’s water begins to gradually improve as air temperatures make a turn for the better. This means that you can enjoy your favorite water sports without being too chilly as early as late April or May. Furthermore, the sound can be a great option for windy days as it is easy to find protection from the strong winds from the north east when on the sound side. Read below to learn about some of the best ways to enjoy the sound in the spring.


Spring is one of the best times of the year to kayak the Outer Banks. The mild weather will keep you comfortable as you enjoy the exploration of our inland waterways. Go for a long distance paddle, or slowly take in every bit of scenery the sound and its marshlands have to offer. An Outer Banks kayak rental will get you out on the water in no time! Various birds and other wildlife will keep you entertained as you get a bit of relaxing exercise.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing, as many call it, can be enjoyed either in the sound or the ocean around the Outer Banks. However, the sound will allow you to sharpen your skills before the water warms up in the ocean. Like kayaking, SUPs are a great way to explore the marsh lands that line our shorelines. Outer Banks SUP rentals provide you with the opportunity to get a core workout that is second to none while challenging your balance and coordination skills. On cooler days, consider wearing a wetsuit as a falling is likely while on a SUP.

Relax on a Soundside Beach

The beaches on the oceanside of the Outer Banks receive all the attention, as they should. However, there are a few great places around here that you can “beach it” on the sound. They offer shallow waters for children so parents can sit back and relax. For parents who aren’t confident in their children’s swimming skills, spending a bit of time on the sound’s beaches is an excellent choice. Jockey’s Ridge State Park has its very own soundside beach that is quite entertaining as kiteboarders can often be seen speeding along the shoreline.

Like most places around the Outer Banks, the sound can be enjoyed in an endless number of ways. Fishing, boating, and other watersports are popular, but any activity that allows you to take in the beauty of our area is one worth trying!