Start Your OBX Vacation with Peace of Mind

*SAFETY NOTICE: To protect both you and our staff, we kindly ask all customers to please wear a protective mask when interacting with our staff and to maintain proper social distancing (until further notice).

*PRODUCT NOTE: If a customer feels led to disinfect the Ocean Atlantic Rentals gear during the rental period, we encourage you to please use a non-bleach disinfectant. Over time, the use of bleach based disinfectants can damage the structural integrity of our gear and will affect the coloring of certain rental items.

At Ocean Atlantic Rentals, we take your health and safety very seriously. Since 1979 our goal has been to provide the highest quality rental gear for your OBX vacation. We can all have peace of mind in knowing any of our equipment you rent from us has been handled properly, cleaned and disinfected between rental use.

As per the website, we repeatedly clean and disinfect all of our rental equipment.  We train staff to clean and disinfect equipment after each return to our stores; we also clean our counter areas and common store areas in our stores and delivery vehicles.

Additionally, we will operate our stores and locations in compliance with the COVID-19 Suggested Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation Business in Dare, Currituck, and Hyde Counties in North Carolina. 

  • Inside our store locations, staff must wear a mask and have clean hands & workspace when serving our customers (until further notice).
  • Customers may request curbside pickup at our stores, via telephone, at any time. We practice “no contact” delivery service to your vacation address and email when deliveries are being made.

Our preferred CDC approved disinfectant is Simple Green d PRO 3 PLUS™.  It is diluted with water, as per the instructions. Some items will be disinfected with diluted bleach spray.  All baby items are rinsed with fresh water or non-toxic products after disinfectant use.

Here are just a few of the steps we take when operating our business and handling your rental gear:

Our beach gear like our ultimate umbrella and umbrella accessories, beach chairs and footrests, cargo wagons/utility carts, coolers, beach wheelchairs and cornhole sets are disinfected with CDC approved disinfectant spray. Canvas on umbrellas and chairs are pressure washed while cornhole bags are sprayed with Lysol disinfecting soft surface spray and left to air dry in direct sunlight.

High touch areas of golf carts are disinfected to include seats, steering wheels, handles, keys, seatbelts, gear shifts, air vents, mirrors, hand rails, etc.

Our watersports equipment is rinsed with fresh water; handles, seats and deck areas (if applicable) are wiped down with CDC approved disinfectant spray. Life vests are rinsed with fresh water, cleansed with CDC approved disinfectant spray and re-rinsed with fresh water.

Our cottage needs such as dog crates, box fans, tables, folding chairs, standard wheelchairs and mobility scooters are disinfected with CDC approved disinfectant spray. Gas grills are pressure washed and wiped with CDC approved disinfectant spray; grills are fired on high to remove any residue/film on grates.

Bikes, kiddy karts, child seat bikes, helmets and baskets are disinfected with a CDC approved disinfectant spray.

All of our baby equipment such as our gate, jogger stroller, life vest, and play yard are rinsed with fresh water, disinfected with a CDC approved disinfectant spray and then rinsed again with fresh water. Our full-size baby crib and vinyl mattress along with our high chairs are wiped with CDC approved disinfectant spray and then cleansed with a non-toxic diluted spray. Vinyl mattresses and high chair trays are plastic wrapped and placed with crib or high chair.

All of our linen rentals are cleaned by a professional linen service; many items are shrink wrapped at the cleaning factory for quality control.

Our employees clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily in our stores and company vehicles. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. Dirty surfaces are cleaned first with soap or detergent and water prior to being disinfected.

From experiencing natural adventures while using our rental watersports equipment to embracing outdoor activities with our bike and golf cart rentals, our goal is for you to have great times. You can use our rental beach gear or allow us to setup our rental equipment on the beach with our umbrella setup service so your crew can enjoy our uncrowded relaxing beaches. Baby and parents alike will be able to enjoy a great vacation knowing their gear is clean and sanitized. You can rest assured knowing any of our equipment you rent from Ocean Atlantic Rentals has been handled properly, cleaned and disinfected between rental use providing you with peace of mind & great times during your OBX vacation.


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