What to Do with Your Wedding Party During Your OBX Destination Wedding

One of the best things about hosting an Outer Banks wedding is that your guests will be MORE than happy to make the trip for your big day. Once you’ve decided to celebrate your destination wedding on the OBX, it’s time to get excited and start planning! Don’t forget to set aside some time for you and your bridal party to enjoy as much of what the Outer Banks has to offer while you’re here! Consider a couple of the following activities to check out with your groomsmen and bridesmaids during your OBX wedding to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

1) Get a board at Island Revolution

For a little exercise, beautiful scenery and a lot of laughs, consider paddling out with your closest compadres to let off a little wedding steam and enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze from atop a surfboard. Don’t know how to surf? No problem! Island Revolutions offers board rentals for people to go at their own pace and work on specific skills if they want to, or just do what they can do and have fun. Qualified staff will ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable experience, no matter your skill level and offer great tips to help you get going!

2) Embark on a Wild Horse Tour

Make the most of your time on the Outer Banks and do something you can’t do just anywhere else, like heading up to the northern beaches of Corolla and taking a wild horse adventure tour. Tour packages include self-guided and tour-guided off-road safari excursions to get you up close and personal with the wild Spanish mustangs that have inhabited the OBX for almost 500 years. Who would you rather experience this exhilarating joy ride with other than your closest guys and gals?

3) Spa for the Ladies, Golfing for the Fellas

The Outer Banks is chocked full of wedding professionals, including some of the best health and beauty experts around! Take some time before your wedding day to pamper yourself and your bridesmaids with a spa day, complete with facials, manicures,  pedicures, and more! Treat yourself to all of the relaxing luxuries that Outer Banks salons and spas have to offer before the big day arrives!

While the ladies are being pampered, there is plenty to do on the Outer Banks to keep the fellas occupied, too. The area boasts numerous beautiful golf courses perfect for a pre-wedding tea time with your best friends! And who are we to stereotype…if the fellas are in need of a little pampering themselves and the ladies are experts on the green, switch it up for a all-in-all great time!

4) Take a Kayaking Adventure

Finally, if you all want to try at an adventure that you can experience together, consider renting a few kayaks and exploring the meandering waterways of the Outer Banks upon the best seats in the house for a low-impact, high energy good time that is the perfect way to keep the fun of the wedding week rolling for the entire party!

Congratulations, good luck, and ENJOY!