What Makes a Fall Wedding on the OBX So Special

outer-banks-wedding-servicesMany people think that summer is the best season to have a wedding, but as a coolness returns to the air in the fall, so does a little magic that will make for an unforgettable autumn wedding here on the Outer Banks. The mild climate and lessened crowds also make fall a great time to not only visit the Outer Banks but to celebrate your special day. Discover below a few things that make a fall wedding on the Outer Banks so special!

Autumn Sunsets

It’s a known fact backed by science that sunsets in the fall and winter can be more vivid and spectacular than during any other time of year. As the sun travels farther through the atmosphere to reach our eyes during these seasons, it picks up more colors, including red and orange. If you’re looking for a sunset backdrop for your special day, the wide open spaces of the Outer Banks, draped in the colors of a gorgeous autumn sunset, are just what you need!  So find an arch and your favorite OBX sunset spot and plan to say your I Do’s before Mother Nature’s finest work!

Perfect Temperatures

If you’re hoping for a beautiful outdoor wedding on the Outer Banks, fall is the perfect time to do it! You won’t need to worry about the hot summer heat ruining your makeup and hair, you can enjoy temperatures in the mid to high 70s, ideal for being outside, especially on the water.  Although rain isn’t in the plans, you need to plan for it anyway, as storms don’t discriminate against the seasons. Be prepared for your fall wedding on the Outer Banks with a frame tent for your ceremony or reception. The last thing you want to be thinking about on your wedding day is the weather.

Lower rates

As the crowds of people begin to dwindle down on the Outer Banks from the summertime rush, the rates of hotels and vacation rentals, as well as those at some local restaurants and shops, begin to decrease. Planning a fall wedding on the OBX will leave you with more money in your pocket to put towards the celebration necessities, like chairs, tables, and you can’t forget the dance floor!

More availability

With less people on the beach during the fall season, the availability of just about everything becomes a little more open. Local Outer Banks professionals are some of the best at what they do, so be sure you will have the opportunity to take advantage of their expertise by planning your wedding in the fall. Local videographers, photographers, caterers, designers, florists, bakers, wedding planners and venues are all going to have more available time during the fall to make your wedding a special event!

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