Benefits of a Beach Value Package

The purpose of traveling to the Outer Banks for a vacation is to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything our windswept beaches have to offer. However, when traveling with a large group, it can be easy to get caught up in detailed packing and planning issues. You can avoid wasting time worrying about whether or not you have packed enough beach chairs, bodyboards, and towels for your week spent under the sun by putting one of our Beach Value Packages to good use. After many years of OBX equipment rental experience, our packages have been created to give you everything you need for the beach and nothing you don’t! Read below to find out why a Beach Value Package could be your family’s ticket to a stress free vacation.

We Deliver….and Pick Up

Skip the beach shop when you get into town and head directly to your rental home, we will bring you what you need for the beach! Keep in mind that if you are able to avoid cramming your beach equipment into your car on the drive down, you will save room for other vacation necessities while enjoying a more comfortable and spacious ride. At the end of your vacation week, we will pick up all of your rented items for you. This will allow you to focus on missing the traffic when heading out of town!

Save some Money

Purchasing a Beach Value Package for your Outer Banks vacation is much cheaper than individually renting or buying the items that are included in the package. If you choose to purchase your umbrellas and beach chairs, you run the risk of breaking or losing them in the off season. Furthermore, renting what you need once you arrive might just allow you to bring a smaller and more fuel efficient vehicle to the Outer Banks which will save you money at the gas pump.

Take Advantage of Quality Equipment

Don’t spend your valuable beach time using beach equipment that is not up to par with our beautiful surroundings. We offer the type of beach equipment that can stand up to the strong winds and long beach days that are common here on the Outer Banks. Our wooden or aluminum beach chairs will have you relaxing in style and our heavy duty canvas umbrellas will be standing strong while other, less durable umbrellas fly away in the wind. In addition, the bodyboards offered in our various Beach Value Packages are much nicer than those which you may find in beach shops. The “slick bottom” design offers a much more enjoyable ride than other flimsy bodyboard models.

A Beach Value Package is a must for anyone considering Outer Banks rentals. The convenience of having all of your beach necessities brought to you will have your family thinking you should have been utilizing this option since day one! Be sure to sign up to receive deals, discounts, and news and take advantage of everything Ocean Atlantic Rentals has to offer.