A Beginner’s Guide to Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is a watersport many enjoy throughout the world. It is often compared and contrasted to surfing and has started to receive more coverage and is gaining in popularity. Bodyboarding is a fun watersport to learn while on the Outer Banks. Bodyboarding can be great for a variety of waves and is a fun way to become more skilled at watersports. Check out these tips below if you’re starting to learn how to bodyboard!

The Equipment

Have you decided you’re ready to bodyboard on the Outer Banks? Make sure you have all of the equipment necessary for your adventure! You will need the bodyboard, along with a leash, bodyboarding fins, a rash guard or a wetsuit, and wax. A bodyboard bag can also help for storage and protect the board. Once you have the right equipment and are comfortable with swimming in the ocean, you’re ready to start learning!

Check the Water and Start Paddling

Bodyboarding requires physical strength, background knowledge about waves, tides, and currents, and skills for balancing on the board in the water. Be aware of the different types of waves that are out there, and then get your equipment ready. You will first learn how to paddle! You will lie down with your stomach on the bodyboard while staying in water that reaches your waist. Hold the nose of the bodyboard and begin paddling through the waves. Learn how to move through the waves and different techniques, such as duck diving. Continue learning and paddling so that you can become accustomed to the bodyboard and paddling in the water!

Catch a Wave and Enjoy the Experience

Once you’ve become comfortable with paddling and understanding the waves, you can start trying to catch a wave! Paddle toward a wave, allow the bodyboard’s nose to face the shore, and kick in the water. Once you’re by the wave and moving, you can go back toward the shore, go right, or go left. For beginners, it is probably best to start with going toward the shore, gaining experience, and then trying turning movements. Once ready to go left, position your left hand on the left rail. Keep the right hand positioned on the nose as before. It is vice versa for going right. The fins will help control the speed of the bodyboard; use the fins wisely and safely. Continue practicing the watersport and enjoy your adventure while bodyboarding!

Are you ready for bodyboarding during your Outer Banks vacation? Ocean Atlantic Rentals has the equipment you need for an enjoyable bodyboarding experience. Our bodyboards are fun for adults and children, and each bodyboard includes a leash, soft top, and hard bottom skin. Consider renting swim fins for a better bodyboarding adventure! The swim fins include ankle tethers and can help provide a safer experience.


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