8 Great Gifts for Watersports Lovers

Watersports enthusiasts are some of the most passionate people around. The thrill they achieve from making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer can be inspiring. If it sounds like we are describing someone on your holiday shopping list, make sure you find them a great gift this holiday season. Check out 8 great gifts for watersports lovers below.

Stand Up Paddleboard

The stand up paddleboard or SUP is the ultimate watersports lover’s piece of equipment. On calm days in in the ocean or sound, those who SUP have the ability to navigate the water with ease. Some people like to surf on their SUPs and others simply like to enjoy the wildlife around them. One of the best things about stand up paddleboarding is the paddleboarder’s ability to see down into the water. This unique perspective will allow paddleboarders to see the fish that may be swimming below. If you are lucky, you just may run across a pod of dolphins!


A great product for watersports lovers of all ages and skill levels. Believe it or not, the ocean is not the only place that makes for great kayaking on the Outer Banks. The Roanoke and Albemarle Sounds to the west of our beaches have intricate marsh lands that are easily navigable via kayak and feature a variety of wild life!

Soft Top Surfboard

The ultimate piece of beach day equipment! Soft top surfboards are an amazing thing to have in your quiver due to their versatility. They are soft so they are much safer for beginners to learn on but also offer supreme functionality. On smaller days they can be ridden in place of a “traditional” longboard and they are tougher than fiberglass surfboards. This means you can bring them to the beach with you for the entire day without having to worry about whether or not you are ruining your investment!


A great investment for the children! If you ask, most surfers will tell you that they first began riding waves on a bodyboard. This is because of the ease at which beginners can experience the thrill of wave riding while also learning the “ins and outs” of the ocean. When choosing a body board, be sure to find one with a “slick bottom.” Slick bottom body boards have superior performance when compared to their cheap and flimsy boogie board counterparts, and they last much longer too!

Swim Fins

Not only do swim fins serve as a great piece of equipment for those looking to take their body boarding to the next level, but they are also useful for body surfing. On a nice day during the summer it can be quite fun to simply put some fins on and swim into waves without a bodyboard. Believe it or not, you don’t always need a board! Furthermore, swim fins are useful when snorkeling on beautiful Outer Banks summer days!


Extend your loved one’s water sports season by giving him or her a wetsuit! Some of the best surfing and bodyboarding conditions occur when the water temperature becomes cool. However, the right wetsuit will make the water sports enthusiast in your life think it is summer all year round!


If you have visited the beaches of the Outer Banks before, chances are you have seen children and young adults having a blast on skimboards. Skimboarding can be tricky, but with a little practice your friend or loved one will have learned and activity that they can enjoy on almost every day of the summer. Unlike surfing, skimboarding can be done even when the wave conditions are very small!

Surf Wax

Surf wax might be inexpensive, but it can often be the missing piece when preparing for a day of surfing, bodyboarding, or skimboarding. This sticky stuff will keep those on your shopping list from sliding off their board when they least expect it. Surf wax can make for a great stocking stuffer as it is very affordable and it even smells good too!

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