6 Seater LSV Golf Cart


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We use American made Club Car for our rental carts to ensure the best quality in your rental.

Off-Season Rates (8/19/23-4/12/24): $450 per week with in-store pickup
Off-Season with Delivery: $502 per week

*6 seater LSV unavailable at our Avon store*

Due to high demand and changing inventory levels, please call our Customer Care Center to book. Qualified carts can receive an extra $50+ off - ask how!

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We use American-made Club Car for our rental carts to ensure the best quality in your rental. Our 6 seater street legal LSV LIMO Club Car golf cart will add ease to your week on the OBX! It’s the perfect Low-Speed Vehicle for driving a group to the beach, taking friends to your favorite restaurant, or loading up the family – and the dog – and heading to see the Carolina sunset!

*6 seater LSV unavailable at our Avon store*

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6 seat LIMO video here

And it offers much more than convenience and fun: it doesn’t require fuel, it’s easy to recharge with the built-in cord. This LSV meets the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making it an ideal alternative for Outer Banks excursions. Unlike standard golf carts, it is STREET LEGAL for use on roads under 35 mph. It has a top speed of 25 mph.


  • Club Car brand to ensure the best quality-Made in the USA!
  • Up to 25 mile range on a single, full charge.
  • Range will vary on speed, cargo, etc. 6 person, 1200 lb. capacity
  • Must be 21yr or older with a valid driver’s license to operate
  • Headlights, taillights, turn signals, and seat belts, plus other safety features.
  • Canopy top
  • Cart colors vary.

**For Club Car sales & service, check out OBX Golf Carts**