4 Seater LSV Golf Cart


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We use American made Club Car for our rental carts to ensure the best quality in your rental.

Off-Season Rates (8/19/23-4/12/24): $375 per week with in-store pickup
Off-Season with Delivery: $426 per week

Due to high demand and changing inventory levels, please call our Customer Care Center to book. Qualified carts can receive an extra $50+ off - ask how!

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We use American-made Club Car for our rental carts to ensure the best quality in your rental. Our 4 seater LSV will add ease to your week on the OBX! It’s the perfect Low-Speed Vehicle for driving a foursome to the beach, taking friends to your favorite restaurant, or loading up the family – and the dog – and heading to see the Carolina sunset! Great for transporting the elderly to the beach!

Golf Cart Charging

FAQ’s & Policies are available here.

4 seat golf cart video here

It offers much more than convenience and fun:
It doesn’t require fuel & it’s easy to recharge with the built-in cord. This LSV meets the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


  • Club Car brand to ensure the best quality-Made in the USA!
  • Up to 25 mile range on a single, full charge. Range will vary on speed, cargo, etc.
  • 4 person, 800 lb. capacity
  • Must be 21yr or older with a valid driver’s license to operate
  • Headlights, taillights, windshield wiper, turn signals, and seat belts, plus other safety features.
  • Canopy top
  • Colors vary

**For Club Car sales & service, check out OBX Golf Carts**