Golf Carts

(Reserve now, 4 seaters available 5-13-17, 6 seaters available 6-9-17)

What is a LSV golf cart?

FAQ's are available here.

A LSV is NOT a normal golf cart. It is a street legal vehicle*. They are electric & plug in to any standard 110v outlet and enjoy a GREEN vacation! (Cord is provided) No gas, no oil, no mess & eco-friendly! *Standard golf carts are not legal on our state roads.

They CAN Drive at night. (They have lights, horn, & other safety features)

They CAN drive on any public road with a speed limit of 35 mph, and under. (Monterey Shores and Ocean Sands do not allow any carts in their private communities) They are the BEST way to get your family & gear to the beach & around town.

We have 4 & 6 person electric LSVs (max speed is 25mph). They are the MOST convenient & fun way to get your family & gear to the beach! (or just to cruise around town)

How do I rent one?

1. Select your model (4 person or 6 person LIMO model?)

2. Reserve* online or call us at 1-800-635-9559. (Advance orders are highly encouraged)

*Drivers' license of 21 years and older & Proof of Auto insurance policy are required.

3. Get your LSV! We will deliver your LSV golf cart at no charge to your OBX address,

SAVE $75! If your OBX address is within close proximity to our store, opt to pick-up/return it to one of our 4 stores & save!

FAQ's are available here.


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NEW* LSV 4 person golf cart NEW* LSV 6 person golf cart "LIMO"
NEW* LSV 4 person golf cart
NEW* LSV 6 person golf cart "LIMO"
$390.00 / Week
$425.00 / Week
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