Adult Beach Cruiser


Your MUST HAVE rental bike to get around the OBX while on vacation. Our 26″ Jamis Road Taxi adult beach cruiser is a single-speed bike with coaster brakes, step-through unisex frame, adjustable seat height, and padded handlebars. It’s one of our most popular rental items so BOOK EARLY & guarantee your gear! Needing multiple bikes? Check out our Biking Value Package.



The PERFECT rental bike you need to get around the OBX while on vacation. The Jamis Road Taxi is a 26″ unisex, single-speed beach cruiser bike with coaster brake. Our rental bike also has an adjustable seat height (no tools needed) and padded handlebars. Remember, use a bike light (frog light) with night riding and please bike safely. For laws, policies and bike maps of the Outer Banks, we recommend checking out the Outer Banks Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Coalition and NC Bicycle Laws & Policies


Our adult beach cruiser rental bike weighs under 30 pounds; it’s easy to pedal and fun to ride.

Easy Seating

The adult beach cruiser seat is comfortable with an extra-thick cover to resist punctures and a flat top to avoid pooling when it rains.

Smooth Rolling Tires

Our adult beach cruiser rental bike has comfort tires that roll smoothly on pavement yet offer a large 2.125″ footprint to securely ride on park paths. To find paths near you, check out the  bike maps of the Outer Banks.

Comfortable Steering

The cruise-control handlebars on our adult beach cruiser rental bikes are designed for a comfortable “no-weight-on-the-wrists” riding position.