Hatteras Island Guide to Standard Golf-Carts and LSVs

Ocean Atlantic Rentals rents both Standard Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) from Rodanthe to Hatteras Village. Due to speed limits changing seasonally, we use the time frame between Memorial Day and Labor Day as a reference of where you can drive our Electric Vehicles. 

To help you, the customer, find out which cart you should order for your vacation, please find the town you will be traveling to below and read our guidelines. Be sure to take a look at rules and regulations of cart operation and travel before your stay. 


Tri-Village (Rodanthe, Salvo, Waves): [Delivery Only]

The Tri-Village is an LSV area only. The only way to travel around is by using NC 12, because of that, an LSV is required. 


Avon: [Delivery and In-Store Pick up Available]

LSVs are allowed everywhere in Avon.

Standards are allowed in “Kinnakeet Shores” and “The Village”(Off of Harbor Rd) only. Customers in these areas are confined to these areas and are not allowed to cross NC 12.


Buxton: [Delivery Only]

LSVs are allowed anywhere in Buxton where the speed limit is 35 mph or lower. This area is from the Cape Hatteras Motel to Sandbar & Grille.  

Golf carts may be operated on the following streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less: Old Lighthouse Road; Cape Point Way, Diamond Shoals Drive, Buxton Back Road, Dippin Vat Road, Cross Way Road, Lost Tree Trail, Rocky Rollinson Rd, Webb Lane, Middle Ridge Trail, Crooked Ridge Trail, and Light Plant Road. The operation of a Golfcart in these areas of Buxton is allowed during Daylight Hours.


Frisco: [Delivery Only]

LSVs are allowed in Frisco anywhere the speed limit is 35 mph or less.


Golf carts must be PARKED by 10pm and driven by no one under the age of 16 with out legal guardian on board.
This will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and failure to abide may result in removal from campground without a refund and being BANNED from future reservations.

Hatteras Village: [Delivery Only]

Golf carts may be operated on all streets and roads in Hatteras village west of and including Austin Road and Austin Lane where the speed limit is 35 mph or less during Daylight Hours.

If you have any further questions please call the Avon Store at 252.995.5868 or our Reservations at 1.800.635.9559.