Why You Should Try Fishing from a Kayak

Kayaking and fishing are two of the most popular outdoor activities on the Outer Banks. They can both be done year-round in the ocean or the sound, making them extremely versatile Outer Banks hobbies. Most people have been fishing or kayaking before, but have you ever tried combining the two? The popularity of Kayak fishing has been on the rise, and for good reason! It’s a super fun sport with the added benefit that fishing from a kayak just might increase your chances of getting that big catch! Below we have outlined some of the awesome reasons you should try fishing from our Prowler Angler kayak.

Kayaks are quiet and stealthy

Kayaks allow you to sneak up on the fish, unlike fishermen in a loud motorboat. A kayak can float in just a few inches of water, too, so they make it easier to get out of sticky situations and allow you to explore many spots that regular boats can’t. Kayaks are also easy to launch! Launch from anywhere on the beach or check out this list of great sites to launch your kayak from.

Kayaks are fun, even if you don’t catch anything

If you get out on the water and this fish aren’t biting, you can still have a great time exploring in your kayak. Additionally, kayaking is great exercise using your arms, shoulders, back muscles, and abs to control the movement of your vessel.

When you do catch a fish it is way more exciting

Any kayak fisherman will tell you that when you’re catching fish from a kayak, the fish feel bigger! It’s pretty easy to reel in your catch from a boat, but catching fish in a kayak is a much bigger thrill and challenge. If the fish is large enough it could even drag your kayak on a fun ride.

Get back to the basics

Kayaking is a natural sport that allows you to get back to the basics and feel connected with nature. As you drift around in your kayak you will see wildlife up close and from a new perspective. You will have the opportunity to see creatures that you would not have otherwise noticed if you were speeding by in a motor boat, or that the sounds of your motor would have scared off. Not to mention that renting kayaks is much more affordable then a renting a boat, is easier to manage, and best of all you don’t have fill it up with gas!

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