Trending Wedding Rentals for 2016

We are excited to highlight some of the top trending wedding rentals for 2016 that you should consider when planning your Outer Banks Wedding. From rustic farm tables to clear top tents, these are popular rental items that will help set the right mood at your wedding and ensure your guests have something to remember.

Crystal Chandeliers and Café Lighting

Lighting has become a key element in achieving a successful wedding theme. It has the ability to transform the reception space from plain to magical.  Crystal chandeliers and string cafe lighting have become extremely popular at wedding receptions and ceremonies. Both items look great hanging inside a tent, or even hanging from a tree or other natural element. String lights can be used almost anywhere by setting up some temporary poles or using existing structures.

Vintage and Rustic Farm Tables, Benches, and Chairs

Rustic/Vintage style has taken off in all areas of design, from fashion to home decor, and weddings are no different.  Rustic farm tables and chairs pair wonderfully with the crystal chandeliers and café lighting for the shabby-chic look that everyone loves. Consider adding some wine barrels as accent table tops for that extra touch of vintage style.

Clear Top Tents

Clear top tents make the perfect addition to your outdoor reception. Going above and beyond the basic tent style, a clear top tent will add enchantment to your reception with the ability to see through to the blue sky during the day and the starry sky in the evening. The addition of natural light flowing into the tent area makes the space feel more open and free.

Lounge Furniture

Lounge furniture has become increasingly popular at weddings. Use of lounge furniture adds a level of sophistication to your reception.  As seen above, the sofas look beautiful paired with the crystal chandeliers and the clear top tent.  Imagine average folding chairs in place of the sofas and the space would not make the same statement that it does with the lounge furniture. Additionally, lounge furniture is much more comfortable then basic folding chairs or benches!

Special Feature Dance Floors

The dance floor is where all the fun happens! Couples are now trying to make that space extra special with the addition of lighting or in some cases using a pool cover dance floor (which can also have added lighting effects). Our pool cover dance floor continues to wow guests. There is just something enchanting about walking on the clear panes and seeing the blue water underneath you. The ability to add lighting under the pool cover dance floor makes the experience even more sensational.

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