Top 5 OBX Adventure Destinations

The Outer Banks area has long been known as an adventurer’s and sports enthusiast’s paradise. Fishing, watersports, and a variety of other outdoor activities are ingrained in the culture of our coast. It would be impossible to enjoy all the adventures available here in one stay, but there are a few main destinations every outdoor enthusiast should explore during their trip to the OBX. Read below to find out our top 5 OBX adventure destinations.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Located in Buxton on Hatteras Island, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and its surrounding area is one of the best adventure destinations on the entire east coast. The jetties on the beach that sit just next to the lighthouse are famous amongst surfers as they have been providing excellent surfing conditions for generations. Grab your Outer Banks surfboard rental and have some fun in Buxton! In addition to surfers and beach goers, other adventure enthusiasts enjoy climbing the beacon for an unforgettable view of the coast!

Pea Island

For those visiting Hatteras Island from the Outer Banks’ northern beaches, Pea Island is the first place you will find yourself after crossing over Oregon Inlet on the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge. While the area isn’t quite as famous as the beaches towards Hatteras, Pea Island is an absolute adventurer’s heaven. There are no houses or physical structures for miles upon miles and the windswept beaches and dunes are quite popular among bird watchers, surfers, stand up paddle board enthusiasts, kite boarders, and those who simply want to visit a stretch of beach with no one else in sight.

Lake Mattamuskeet

Just west of the Outer Banks sits the largest natural lake in North Carolina. Lake Mattamuskeet is only about 2-3 feet deep, but stretches for 18 miles. The lake is a great place to see some of the most beautiful wildlife eastern North Carolina has to offer. Ducks, geese, and amazing swans grace the lake with their presence on a daily basis. The lake is about an hour and thirty minutes from Nags Head, making it a great day trip destination. In addition to the lake’s beauty, there’s also Pettigrew State Park that provides educational experiences about the lake’s Native American history and what makes its ecosystem unique.

Alligator River

The perfect destination for those who enjoy paddling their kayak rental. Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is home to a variety of intricate waterways in addition to the actual river itself. Adventurers will be able to explore wetlands and marsh areas on their kayak while also enjoying occasional shade from trees that hang overhead. Living up to its name, Alligators do reside in eastern North Carolina, so be on the lookout for these amazing creatures during your adventure. At just over an hour’s drive from Nags Head, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge makes for a great morning or afternoon trip!

Jennette’s Pier

The beautiful structure of Jennette’s Pier provides an area for fun and adventure right in Nags Head. The pier offers excellent fishing and fishing classes in addition to being a popular surfing location. Those who want to fish, surf, or simply take in all the action should look no further than Jennette’s.

Take our advice or go on an Outer Banks adventure that is unique to your tastes and interests. Our Outer Banks equipment rentals have the ability to enhance any adventure that you choose!