Specialty Linen Rentals for Your Outer Banks Wedding

Linens are a very important element of your wedding. They can have a dynamic impact on the theme of your reception, just by adding a significant amount of color to your space. Textures, patterns, and fabrics of different linens all play into the effect of creating the perfect tablescape for your special day. At OAR, we have a huge assortment of specialty linens, from sequins and satin to lace, sheers, and more, in a wide range of sizes and colors. We are happy to help you mix and match linens to create the tablescape of your dreams!


A lot of thought will go into the process of selecting of your linens. Often an underlay and overlay cloth are both used on the table, sometimes followed by a table runner, and finally place napkins. The table underlay is the basic solid colored cloth that provides a base for your table setting. The overlay goes over top the underlay and is usually more decorated or textured, adding extra emphasis and design. The optional table runner can be used traditionally to run the length of the table, or often it is bunched only in the middle section of the table or sometimes placed at different angles. The napkins are important pieces to your table setting and are typically the same color as the underlay cloth if you are using both an underlay and overlay.


Chair covers are frequently used, sometimes as a full chair cover or as a chair tie or sash that simply hangs around the upper portion of the chair back – often both the full cover and tie are used to together. If you chose to use chair covers or ties, they can be matched with your table linens or a different base to provide even more dimension.


We’ve put together a list of some of our popular specialty linen items to give you some inspiration in your linen planning! Check out our event rental website to see more of our available specialty linen rentals for your Outer Banks wedding!

Glitz Linen

Glitz linen is one of our newest style selections! Make a statement at your wedding reception with this glamorous linen. It is available as a runner, and also as a round table underlay and overlay.

ocean atlantic rentals linen rentals glitz

Krinkle Linen & Imperial Stripe

Our krinkle linen is a great way to add some texture to your tablescape. We have this linen fabric available in everything from napkins, sashes, and runners to round and banquet sized tables and as an overlay as well.

The imperial stripe linen is subtle and refined. It is available in napkins, for round and banquet tables, and as an overlay.


Helix Sequins

Used as a table runner in this photo, you can really see the detailing in our helix sequins linen. This linen comes in overlay and underlay size in addition to the table runner pictured.

ocean atlantic rentals wedding linen rentals helix sequins

Crush Linen

Our crush linen adds texture and a nice sheen to your reception tables. It comes in napkins, sashes, round and banquet tables, and as an overlay.

ocean atlantic rentals wedding linen rentals crush

Call us today for more information at 886-627-3836, or stop by our showroom in Kill Devil Hills to see more examples of our offerings and talk to an Outer Banks wedding planning professional to check your wedding linen choice off your list!