A Guide to Cruising the Outer Banks, North to South with Zero Emissions!

LSV golf cart zero emissions

Traveling the OBX in a golf cart is a great way to explore the Outer Banks with zero emissions. Many subdivisions, neighborhoods, and roads have a posted speed limit 35 miles per hour or less, making this area friendly for traveling in LSV golf carts from Ocean Atlantic Rentals.

We hope this information will be an insiders’ guide to exploring the natural beauty of the OBX in one of our LSV’s with zero emissions. Here are our recommendations for the best places to cruise while visiting our beautiful coastline! Starting up North:


Corolla is a fantastic place to use an LSV to get around. During the summer, NC Highway 12 is 35 mph from The Currituck Club area to the 4-wheel drive beach in Carova. In the fall and off-seasons, parts of NC 12 near Ocean Sands and Pine Island become 45 mph. Pay close attention to posted signs, and call our staff for guidance on the safe use of your cart rental. LSV’s are not permitted in private neighborhoods that exclude golf carts. These neighborhoods include Buck Island and Ocean Sands.

Our LSV’s are great for running to local grocery stores, toting your beach chairs and coolers to the public beach accesses, or even exploring the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. The only other restricted areas are the sand beach driving of Carova and Penny’s Hill. You will need a 4×4 truck and a Carova parking permit to explore these areas. The entire Whalehead Beach neighborhood area is one of the best to use a golf cart to get around. The roads of Lighthouse Drive, Whalehead Drive, and Corolla Drive afford the vacationer the opportunity to be off of the main road. It is easy to travel these streets for a few miles to access Monterey Shores, Ace Hardware, Timbuck 2 shopping, and many other stops.


Farther south, the Village of Duck is the most popular area for our guests to rent LSV golf carts. Most of Northern Duck is 35 mph, but there are posted speeds of 45mph near the Sanderling Resort in the off seasons. There are no public beach accesses in Duck, but there are many cottages located a distance from the beach. Many folks choose to rent their carts to get to and from the beach each day with zero emissions.

In town, across from the Blue Point and the Duck Waterfront shops, visitors staying on Cook Drive and Bayberry use LSV’s to access the ocean on Speckle Trout Drive. Cruising at the 25 mph speed limit in Duck Village is easy in an LSV. Therefore, many visitors shop around and enjoy lunch at Duck Deli or Roadside Bar & Grill. It’s easy to pickup and return your cart from our Ocean Atlantic Rentals Duck location. Make sure you plan to stop in and check out the new selection of quality footwear at Soundfeet Shoes while visiting our shop.


The speed limits stay 35 mph and lower as you cruise south through Duck and approach Southern Shores. The back wooded areas make for beautiful neighborhood driving off of the main roads.

In the summer, NC 12 speeds are 35 mph and you can drive all the way south to Ocean Blvd. Here, you can enjoy oceanfront driving and the breathtaking homes located on that historic, local road. Always park your LSV in legal public parking zones. The parking near the Southern Shores Fire Station is by permit only.


obx golf cart zero emissions

Kitty Hawk is just down NC 12. Take a left at the stop light located near the Hilton Garden Inn, Duck Donuts, and The Rundown Cafe. Here, the beach road will take riders from Kitty Hawk Pier through Kill Devil Hills. There are so many local spots to grab a bite to eat on the beach road. Some of the favorites include Art’s Place, an incredible locals burger joint. Art’s Place is next to Winks Convenience Store. Winks Deli is a great location to grab a quick lunch and eat across the street at the beach. Near Lillian Street and it’s beach access is the Black Pelican and Hurricane Mo’s. Stone oven pizzas are a favorite at the Black Pelican, and happy hour tacos at Hurricane Mo’s can’t be beat.

Additionally, the Wright Brothers National Memorial park in Kill Devil Hills is a great site full of local history. The park can be accessed from the beach road, and if crossing at the stop light into the park at Prospect Street, it can be legally accessed by LSV golf cart. Stay on the trails in the park because the area can be prone to sand spurs and small cacti that can easy puncture a flip flop!

The beach road intersects Fresh Pond Road, around Milepost 9.75. Our KDH store is located on the corner of Fresh Pond and Highway 158. Fresh Pond will allow you to pickup your cart, and save $75 by opting out of delivery, while accessing the beach road to get to areas north in Kitty Hawk and south to Nags Head.


In Nags Head, the beach road gets interesting with fun places to shop and eat, around Milepost 11. Favorites here include gamefish burritos at Red Drum Tap House, froyo at Surfin’ Spoon, and the best surf lessons in town, at Farmdog’s Surf School. Plan to enjoy a cool, vintage vibe, with a peppering of locally owned business and fun stops all around the Nags Head pier area.

We encourage folks driving to take the beach road down to about the Village of Nags Head via golf cart, but opt for delivery of your cart if you’re staying in South Nags Head. It is just too far to drive 10 or so miles on the beach road, with seasonal traffic all the way down. The Village is a golf community, and a great spot to explore via cart. Again, crossing the bypass at stop light like the one at East Epstein, is a great way to safely travel over into this beautiful community-perfect for a sunset cruise.

Moving down into South Nags Head, eating spots and shopping stops are less frequent, but this neighborhood area is prime for families. Fish Heads, the restaurant at the Outer Banks Fishing Pier, and the historical and ecological info at Jennette’s Pier make exploring this area nothing but fun in the sun!

Onward to Hatteras Island:

The LSV golf cart is the ideal vehicle to get around on “the island”.  Travel to a variety of restaurants and scenic attractions is made convenient, simple and fun!

Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo

Whether you are staying in Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo, the LSV can take you through all three villages, top to bottom, without stopping.  If you do stop in Waves, make sure you check out REAL Watersports for some top-notch surf retail and a glimpse of the best Kite Surfing spots in the world.  Be sure to get a local craft beer and a tasty turkey and avocado wrap.


Avon is perhaps your LSV Shangri-La, with many destinations condensed in a simple 4 mile stretch. There are multiple areas to explore off of Highway 12, including the historic Avon Village and Kinnakeet Shores where ” a number of the village’s oldest homes date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, and feature foundations and flooring made entirely out of shipwrecked pieces that were dragged for hundreds of yards off the beach. A trip around Avon would be incomplete without visiting the world famous Avon Fishing Pier, a favorite spot for sight seers and anglers. Load up the LSV, don’t forget your pet, and enjoy the an epic day at the beach-the Pier House offers many amenities, restrooms, and shade underneath.

Buxton and Frisco

Buxton and Frisco are always a treat. The National Park Service happily welcomes visitors to the Cape Hatteras Light House for a tour and climb to the top. If you find yourself in Hatteras Village, then you are in for a unique experience. Located at the southern tip of the island, Hatteras Island offers many recreational options for shopping, fishing charters and immediate access to a Ferry System that can take you to neighboring Ocracoke Island for no charge.

golf cart outer banks zero emissions

On Hatteras especially, watch the change in speed limits as you go in and out of the small towns. LSV’s are only legal on roads 35 MPH and slower, and many of those limits change seasonally on Hatteras; be careful!

Interested in viewing an instructional video for the LSV golf carts?

The 4 person LSV golf cart video is here:

The 6 person LSV golf cart video is here:

Can the LSV be driven on the beach or off-road?  Can I drive on the sand?

No, LSV carts must be operated on paved roadways, only; they are not usable off-road.  They are subject to the same laws as cars and other motor vehicles, and can be ticketed. Failure to comply with safe driving practices & OAR policies may result in termination of rental with no refund.

What is the difference(s) between a standard golf cart & a LSV golf cart?

A standard golf cart is not street legal, and can be ticketed by law enforcement if used on a public road.  Certain villages and areas allow standard golf carts in areas (Buxton, Hatteras Village, etc), but the cart that combines safety features and street legal use (under 35 mph road) is the LSV golf cart.

LSV’s are legal on any NC public road with a speed limit under 35 mph, and carry a registration and license plate. LSV’s have additional safety features that most golf carts do not have, such as: Headlights, taillights, and turn signals, integrated safety belts (front), rear seat belts, safety glass and mirrors. TIP! Always keep your cart license plate unobstructed so law enforcement can easily tell you are in a Low Speed Vehicle.

Can I get my cart delivered to my beach house?

Yes, free delivery is available for weekly rentals. For advance reservations, your cart will be delivered on check-in day, before 8pm. It will be picked up (early morning) of your departure date and must be clean and fully charged to avoid an additional $75 fee.

You can save $75 by picking up & returning your LSV cart (no delivery service) to one of our 4 convenient store locations. Your OBX address must be within close proximity to one of our stores. We can help advise you on this option. Call us at (800)-635-9559.

What makes an LSV “zero emissions”?

The LSV is 100% electric powered and includes a power cord to recharge the cart, after each use.  It plugs into a standard outlet to recharge.

What is the speed, power of the LSV?

The LSV is powered by an electric 48-volt powertrain, with a max speed of 25mph. LSV’s will travel up to 30 miles on a single, full charge. Range will vary depending on speed, cargo, etc. We encourage you to recharge the cart whenever not in use. It should be charged every night, overnight. We require the carts to be 100% charged at the end of your rental to avoid a $75 fee. The cart has a charge level indicator on the dashboard. TIP! Only charge your cart at your residence; do not assume your neighbors or businesses “won’t mind” you plugging in just anywhere.

What are the safety features of the LSV golf cart?

Headlights, taillights, and turn signals, safety belts, safety glass and mirrors. All NC state driving laws apply to LSV carts.

What is required for me to rent a cart?

Driver/Lessee must be 21 years of age, with a drivers’ license & proof of auto insurance. 100% rental payment must be made to reserve a cart. A waiver must be signed for all rentals. Operational instructions are made available to you via email or anytime, by our staff.

Any rules I need to be aware of?

You must be 21 years old with valid drivers’ license to rent or operate a LSV.
No person under the age of 21 may operate the LSV, at anytime.
We require drivers’ license number, state of issuance, and expiration date for up to three (3) drivers.
Lessee must provide proof of auto insurance policy for rental.
All motor vehicle laws apply to low speed vehicles, including open-container and D.U.I ordinances. Same laws and rules as a car/auto apply to an LSV.
No sand or beach driving is permitted at anytime.
Bike trails or sidewalk driving is prohibited. Please use standard parking spaces, only.

Never block or obstruct the cart license plate, brake lights, or turn signals.
Failure to comply with safe driving practices & OAR policies may result in termination of rental with no refund.
We are open daily at 800-635-9559 for questions.

What are the “creature comforts” of the LSV?

A full canopy covers all occupants. 4 cup holders are built in. The onboard charger plugs into a standard outlet to recharge the batteries; the instrument panel has a warning light to warn of low battery charge. Extension power cord is provided with rental.
The ignition uses a key to operate, like a car.
There is a parking brake.

Where can I park my LSV?

LSV carts must be parked in designated “car/auto” parking spaces. They are subject to the same laws as cars and other motor vehicles, and can be ticketed. Operator is responsible compliance to all laws.

Can I drive my LSV golf cart on a bike trail or sidewalk on the OBX?

No, LSV’s must be operated on paved roadways, only. They are subject to the same laws as cars and other motor vehicles, and can be ticketed. Failure to comply with safe driving practices & OAR policies may result in termination of rental with no refund.

What is my responsibility for the LSV, while in my possession?

The responsibility is the same as a rental car, or any other rental item. The registered driver/lessee is responsible for any damage or neglect to the vehicle, while in your possession. Charges will apply. A dated damage inspection report of the vehicle condition (just like a car rental) will be completed at your time of possession, and upon return.

Call us with your questions! We are available daily at (800)-635-9559.