Outdoor Wedding Essentials for Your Outer Banks Wedding

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The Outer Banks is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. Every year couples have their ceremonies in the sand, on a pier, in a vineyard, at a golf course, at a beach cottage, or even at a lighthouse.  At Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals, we have years of experience in helping couples have amazing outdoor weddings, even implementing unique rental items that you won’t find anywhere else on the Outer Banks – like our popular custom pool cover dancefloor.  Below we’ve made a list of a few essentials that you will definitely need for your outdoor Outer Banks wedding!

Luxury Restrooms

The lack of proper restrooms may be one of the biggest downsides to an outdoor wedding. No one wants to use a port-a-potty on a normal day, let alone on your special wedding day. Having luxury portable restrooms is a must for your Outer Banks outdoor wedding! Our deluxe restroom trailer is complete with running water, air conditioning and heat, electricity, occupancy indicator lights, hand rails along the stairs, and under-counter trash cans. It comes fully stocked with paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. It has two female restrooms and one male restroom. You only need a standard 110v power outlet and a fresh water hose faucet to operate it and you’re all set.


You will absolutely need to keep your guests hydrated if you want to keep the party going. Bottles of water are easy to pick up and carry around, so keep your water bottles cold with our 6ft Fill and Chill table, or ice down a few drink bucket tins and place them in various spots at the ceremony and around the reception so cold water is never too far away!

Also consider having pitchers of infused waters: these may encourage greater consumption of water by your guests, while also giving you the opportunity to have create a fun and memorable hydration station and signature beverage.


As night approaches you will want lighting not only for necessity and safety, but also to add a wonderful ambiance to the affair. We have spotlights, chandeliers, string lighting, and globe lighting, to name just a few. Spotlights are recommended for areas that need the extra lighting, like buffet tables, entry-ways, coat check tents, etc.  String lighting is a great way to add accent light to the inside of your tent space or to other outdoor spaces, and chandeliers and globe lighting will also provide great accent lighting to just about any nook of your nuptial location!


A tent is essential for an outdoor wedding. Some may think that a tent is only needed in the off chance of inclement weather, but not only will you have protection from the rain in case Mother Nature chooses not to cooperate on your big day, but you’ll also stay protected from the bright OBX sun, too! You even have the option of adding sidewalls for extra rain and wind protection, too!

If you are concerned that a tent will take away the “outdoor” aspect of your wedding, consider renting one of our clear top tents. It is a beautiful way to allow some sunlight into your space, and as evening approaches, to see through the tent ceiling into the starry night is spectacular!

There are many other rental items that we recommend for an outdoor Outer Banks wedding, this list is just the beginning! Give us a call today to discuss your wedding rental plans at 888-627-3836, or visit our event rental website and let’s help you get started planning the Outer Banks wedding of your dreams!