Not oceanfront? Use a golf cart LSV to get to the beach!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning your Outer Banks vacation? Making it an easy, relaxing and unique experience for your family? At Ocean Atlantic Rentals, we have been striving to simplify vacations for families since 1979.  A LSV golf cart can greatly simplify your Outer Banks vacation!

A Club Car LSV golf cart is the safe and easy way to cruise!
What a great way to get to the beach!

That’s why we are especially excited to share about our 4 or 6-person LSV golf carts as another way for your family to enjoy the beauty of the Outer Banks, as well as an effortless way to get all of your stuff to the beach!

Why are golf cart LSV’s special and why would I want to rent one over just a “regular old golf cart?”

To be legal and safe!  An LSV is a low speed vehicle that is street-legal on any North Carolina roads that are 35 MPH and under (think Beach road from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head, NC 12 through Southern Shores & Duck and Avon, The Currituck Club, Whalehead in Corolla and more). Another bonus of renting an LSV is that it can be driven on public roads (not just private communities) and that it can be used after dusk (regular old golf carts cannot).

Learn more about legally cruising the Outer Banks here.

In 2018, we became a Club Car dealer, with a full service department, parts department, and sales location, to add to our solid rental program.  Our main reason for becoming a Club Car dealer is that we believe in their product. We believe in safe, up to date models that carry safety features not found on regular old golf carts. It is just amazing how some places just use old “golf course” golf carts (that lack safety features) and put our visitors out on our roads with them!  Both our 4 and 6 person carts come with seatbelts, head & tail lights, a wiper blade and horn. We require guests renting to be 21 or older, with a valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.

Have a senior or handicapped member of your family that may need help getting around? Looking for a simpler way to navigate the roads, get to the Beach Access, or want to take the girls out to lunch and shopping? Super easy! Our LSV’s only require a standard parking spot, are eco friendly (no gas, no oil, just plug it in and charge-we provide the charger) and provide a fun, open-air experience as you tour the beautiful Outer Banks scenery. The 6-person back seat even converts to a storage tray (bye bye beach lugging).  If you drove your RV to the beach this summer, consider how cost effective it would be to travel around gas free during your stay.

Our pricing varies depending on what season you are using the cart, but be sure to enjoy $75 off your weekly rental whatever the season when you choose store pick up and return the golf cart yourself.  Delivery service is also available for weekly rentals.

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