New Beach, Vacation, and Event Rental Items for 2017

Every year we add a few new items to our rental collection. This year we are kicking off 2017 with some fun and useful new rental items – some of the best items we’ve added in a while!

Beach/Vacation Rentals:

LSV Golf Cart

White Golf CartRed Golf Cart

The most exciting new item we’ve added this year is our 4 person and 6 person LSV golf carts! These are street-legal vehicles (not normal golf carts which are illegal to drive on the roads here). They are electric and can plug into any standard 110v outlet, no gas or fuel is needed. Both carts are equipped with safety features including lights for night driving, a horn, windshield wipers, turn signals, seatbelts, etc. These carts can be legally driven on any road that has a 35mph or under speed limit.  The carts can reach a speed of 25 mph for a fun and convenient way of getting your family and gear to the beach or to just cruise around and explore the Outer Banks. Unlike most of our rentals, we don’t deliver this item, you’ll need to reserve online or call us at 1-800-635-9559, then stop by one of our 4 locations and drive away with your cart!

Oak Beach Table

small oak table on the beach

Our new beach table gives you easy access to your beach accessories. It’s perfect for drinks, snacks, and your cellphone. This little oak table will fold flat and weighs just 4lbs!

Deluxe Gas Grill

Deluxe Gas Grill
This is the perfect grill for large families or parties with 555 square inches of primary cooking space and 5 burners. The grill comes with a full tank of propane gas, a grill brush, and a stick lighter.

Baby Play Yard Playpen

Kids Play Yard

Perfect for inside or outside, this gated play yard will keep your baby safe and secure. The six panel gates fold up and include a carry strap for easy transportation. The play yard creates approximately 18 square feet of play area.

Beach Umbrella (ICED DAILY) Cooler Service


If you have or plan to book our Beach Umbrella Service, consider adding our new iced daily cooler service to your package! We will deliver a new bag of ice each day to your cooler when we come to set up your beach umbrella package. The cooler is 48 quarts and can hold approximately 24 cans.

For more information about our rental items check out our rental equipment website or call us at 1-800-635-9559.