Easy Steps for Renting a Golf Cart on the Outer Banks

“We rented a 6 person golf cart which was waiting at our rental property when we arrived. We used it several times a day: carting things to the beach, going to restaurants and shopping, and going across the road to fish on the sound. And at the end of our trip all we had to do was leave the key — it couldn’t have been easier!” –5 Star TripAdvisor Review

Renting an electric golf cart is a great way to cruise around the Outer Banks. In the spring and fall you can enjoy the beautiful weather and in the summertime renting a golf cart is a great way to maneuver the vacation traffic and scoot back and forth to our beaches. Here are a few important factors to consider when renting an electric golf cart from Ocean Atlantic Rentals:

Pre-Reserve for Your Summer Vacation

During the fall and spring, you can normally walk right into the store or give us a call that day and have a golf cart ready to rent, but it is important to note our electric golf carts are in their highest demand during the summer months. Due to our limited quantities, at times (normally around July 4th) we might have all our golf carts pre-reserved. We highly recommend if you are interested in an electric golf cart rental during your summer vacation that you do not wait until the last moment and book with plenty of advance notice.

Ask About Discounts

Rent LSV golf carts on the outer banks from ocean atlantic rentalsWe have in-season and off-season rates for our golf cart rentals. Looking for a great way to save on your golf cart reservation? Sign up (link to sign up form) for our emails to learn about the biggest savings of the year during our annual OAR Super Sale at the end of December and other important discounts thru the year!

Depending on your location and the duration of your golf cart rental, we also offer a $50 discount if you can pick up and return your golf cart rental to our store (in place of delivery). Customer pickup would be available between 12 noon and 6pm of your Rental Start Date and your OBX address must be within safe driving range to receive the discount.

Picking the Right Size

We have 4 and 6 seat golf carts available to rent. These carts are a great way to shuttle people (and gear) back and forth to the beach, or to cruise around your community.

Ensuring Safety First

When cruising around the Outer Banks, especially in the summer, you can never be too careful. Our golf cart rentals have seatbelts, mirrors and lights to provide an extra level of quality and safety you deserve. We also require a signed waiver and drivers’ license of 21 years and older for the rental.

Drive Your Standard Golf Cart Rental Legally

Rent golf carts on the outer banks from ocean atlantic rentalsMake sure you know what type of golf cart is allowed where you plan to use it. We are very thorough in double checking with you so you have the right type of golf cart, but while you are planning here are the areas where you are allowed to drive your standard golf cart:

  • COROLLA: In the Whalehead area and in The Currituck Club
  • DUCK: Within the Four Seasons community and these additional Duck streets.
  • KITTY HAWK:  In the Martin’s Point community
  • NAGS HEAD: In the Pirates Cove community
  • HATTERAS ISLAND:  In Hatteras Village, golf carts are allowed on Hwy 12 and side roads during daylight hours, only.  In Buxton, golf carts may be operated in Buxton Village on the following streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less: Old Lighthouse Road; Cape Point Way, Diamond Shoals Drive, Buxton Back Road, Dippin Vat Road, Cross Way Road, Lost Tree Trail, Rocky Rollinson Rd, Webb Lane, Middle Ridge Trail, Crooked Ridge Trail, and Light Plant Road.

Drive Your LSV Golf Cart Rental Legally

Rent a 6 seat golf cart for your OBX vacationUnlike regular golf carts, an LSV (low speed vehicle) is STREET LEGAL for use on all roads under 35 mph. It has a top speed of 25 mph and features headlights, taillights, windshield wiper, turn signals, and seatbelts, plus other safety features.

If you would like more information about our golf cart rentals, please read our Golf Cart Rental FAQ page. If you are ready to view the availability of golf carts during your desired week, please visit our golf cart rental page.

If you have more questions, feel free to call us at (800) 635-9559 and ask our staff for some tips and tricks. They’ll have plenty of suggestions!