A day in the life around Duck, NC

The Outer Banks is one of my favorite places to live; especially during the summer time! The Town of Duck provides a friendly hometown atmosphere with all the amenities of a resort town. The excitement and energy is felt all around you; from the friendly people you meet to the shops you stop in along the way. One of my favorite things to do on a gorgeous day in Duck is to wander around town on a bicycle. There are so many charming local shops to stop in. I usually start my day off by dropping by Duck’s Cottage and grabbing one of their delicious artisanal roasted coffees and browsing through their diverse book selection. The boardwalk in Duck is a must when visiting the area. It really showcases the heart and beauty of this quaint little town. There are so many fun places to stop into. For breakfast it’s always a toss up between the fresh, hand- made to order Duck Donuts or a savory breakfast sandwich from Tullio’s bakery. After breakfast a little light shopping really tops off the morning. Duck is full of delightful little boutiques to browse through. One of my all time favorites is Barree Station. They have an amazing selection of sundresses, vintage clothing, and an eclectic collection of accessories to choose from! I love to shop the Waterfront shops so when riding my bike I always need to have a basket. After all that shopping I like to enjoy the rest of my day outside and on the water. Once you get to the end of the boardwalk that’s where the fun really begins. On a calm day out on the Pamlico Sound renting a paddleboard is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The sound only gets about waist deep so there isn’t really any danger involved only fun! It’s not only a great workout but also a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Paddle boarding or kayaking the sound is a great method to see the more natural side of Duck. Out on the water you’ll see an assortment of wild life from Osprey to snapping turtles and all sorts of ducks. Once I’ve worked up an appetite and gotten a nice suntan; I’ll swing by Wave pizza, which is the last shop, located on the boardwalk. If you’re not with a crowd and just want to get a small bite Wave is definitely the place to go, they sell pizza by the slice and have a great selection of domestic beers and craft wines. Duck has so many amazing places to grab a bite to eat. Coastal Cantina is by far one of my favorite places to end the day in Duck. Kicking back with a margarita while listening to live music performed by local bands is one of the highlights of the evening. The other highlight, and the best attraction in my opinion that Duck has to offer is completely free and that is the sunsets. The Outer Banks has some of the most enchanting sunsets I’ve ever seen and by far the best way to end any day here on the Outer Banks.