Get in Shape for Your Favorite OBX Watersport

The Outer Banks is a great place to enjoy just about any watersport you can imagine. With both the sound and the ocean sitting no more than just a short drive away no matter where you are on the OBX, practicing the watersport of your choice is extremely convenient. While the sports of surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding have an extremely strong following locally, these sports are also enjoyed on the Outer Banks by many who commute from other areas. Just because you may not live on the Outer Banks full time, doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert at your desired watersport. One of the best ways to ensure you are able to perform once you arrive to the beach or sound is to ensure you are in the best shape possible. Did you know that there are a variety of exercises you can enjoy at home that can mimic the strength and flexibility required for many watersports? Read below to learn a few ways to stay in top watersports shape while away from the coast!


The original way to “surf the streets.” The balance required to ride a skateboard is quite similar to that which the sports of surfing and stand-up-paddle boarding demand. Not only does skateboarding test your balance, but it also offers a great cardiovascular and leg workout, which will benefit you no matter what your favorite watersport may be. There are a variety of different skateboards available on the market today, but beginning skateboarders should choose to ride a “longboard” which has softer wheels and a larger deck made for cruising. Check out a local Outer Banks surf shop to find one for yourself!  Don’t forget to wear your helmet and other necessary pads as the pavement isn’t quite as forgiving as the water!


Whether you are kayaking, SUPing (stand-up-paddle boarding), bodyboarding, surfing, or anything in between, flexibility is extremely important to those participating in watersports. There is no better way to increase your flexibility than to begin practicing yoga. Your increased strength and flexibility will allow your body to work in ways you could have never imagined and give you confidence in critical situations.


Training via regular cardiovascular activity may sound obvious, but it’s extremely important. Many first-time surfers and stand-up-paddle boarders are amazed to find how exhausting the sport can be, even after only 30 minutes of activity. With that said, be sure to run, walk, bicycle, or take on any other form of cardio exercise possible when away from the coast or out of the water for an extended period of time.

Also, train for your favorite watersport by adjusting your workout routine to match the sport. For example, kayaking and stand-up-paddle boarding often involve paddling for extending periods of time at the same pace, so they require cardiovascular training that suits that type of activity. Running, walking, or jogging for extended periods of time or distance will best prepare you. However, sports such as surfing or bodyboarding require quick bursts of energy exertion to catch and ride waves. Those riding Outer Banks surfboard rentals or bodyboard rentals can expect to wait for up to 10 minutes at a time for the proper wave, but need to be ready to ride the wave when it comes their way. With that said, sprints and other sorts of interval training are a great idea for those planning to ride some waves!

No matter what watersport you enjoy when visiting the beautiful Outer Banks, remaining in top physical shape will enhance your experience. Make use of these tips and enjoy your time on the water!