5 Watersports to Enhance Your Fun Filled Vacation


The Outer Banks are known for attracting extremely active people who share an unmatched appreciation for the ocean and all it has to offer. Over the past few decades, our area has become a true hot spot for water sports. There are many activities that will allow you to spend some quality time on the water during your Outer Banks vacation. Check out a list of some of our favorites below!


The beaches of the Outer Banks are extremely well known among surfers up and down the east coast. Our consistent swells and shallow sandbars make the area a great place to be a surfer. The summer season on the Outer Banks is the perfect time to give the sport a try. Beginners should test their surfing skills on what is called a “soft top.” “Soft tops” are surfboards with an exterior that is similar to that of a body board. They are much more resistant to damage than traditional fiberglass surfboards and are also much safer to use.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand up paddleboarding is an activity that can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts of all ability levels. With a little practice and patience, you will be on your way to cruising along the water’s surface. For those looking for a tranquil experience, use one of the many sound accesses and check out our area’s marsh lands on an SUP! If you are up for a little adventure, take your SUP out in the ocean on a calm day for a unique perspective of our beaches.


Like stand up paddleboarding, kayaking is a great way to see the Outer Banks. If you want to kayak on the high seas, consider renting an Ocean Kayak®. Ocean Kayaks will let you paddle with the dolphins and ride waves! For those of you who want to navigate the Outer Banks’ inland waterways, rent one of our traditional kayaks. They offer more protection from the water to keep you dry. Both types of kayaks are available in single or tandem models so be sure to share your adventure with a friend!

Body Boarding

Another activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Body boarding is probably the easiest and most convenient watersport. This is due to the fact that it is very easy for beginners to pick up and the waves do not have to be necessarily good for you to have fun. If you are new to the ocean, but want to try a watersport, body boarding is for you!

Skim Boarding

A fun sport that is best left for the kids. It takes some practice, but after one good ride you will know why it has become one of our area’s most popular watersports. It is common to see younger beach goers with both skim board and body board in hand for their day at the beach. This is because, like body boards, skim boards can be ridden on just about every day of the summer and don’t require any special conditions.

Give your vacation a little extra excitement and try a new watersport during your stay. Be sure to contact Ocean Atlantic Rentals for all of your Outer Banks watersports rental needs! Also, be sure to sign up to receive deals, discounts, and news.