UPDATE: We do our best to provide 1 keyed bike lock with each pair of bikes rented (upon request).  Bike locks may not be available for last minute orders.

The Jamis Road Taxi is a 26″ single-speed beach cruiser bike with coaster brake. It features an adjustable seat height (no tools needed) and padded handlebars. This is the perfect bike for getting around the OBX. Remember, to use a bike light (frog light) with night riding! Please Bike Safely, NC Bicycle Laws & Policies here!


Many cruisers weigh well north of 40 pounds. Not so with the Taxi! Because nothing gets more uncomfortable faster than having to pedal more weight than necessary, we’ve pared as many grams from these bikes as we could. Starting with the lightweight aluminum frame and a parts pick that’s nearly all lightweight alloy parts. The result are bikes just north of 30 pounds that are easy to pedal and more fun to ride.

Easy to Sit On

The Taxi saddle is as comfortable as it gets, with an extra-thick 3 mil cover to resist puncture, a flat top that won’t pool water when the Taxi is parked in the rain, box section rails that will never bend, and double-loop springs that comfortably support passengers.

Smooth Rolling Tires

Our comfort tires have been designed to roll smoothly on pavement, but offer a large 2.125″ footprint so that rides on park paths can be managed securely. The additional benefit of that big footprint is larger air volume in the tire and tube, which results in lower air pressure for a more comfortable ride than tires with smaller volumes and higher air pressures.

Comfortable Steering

Our cruise-control handlebars were designed to promote a comfortable no-weight-on-the-wrists riding position. With just the right sweep and rise, these handlebars meet the rider’s hands without requiring a forward bend at the waist, relieving pressure on the back of the neck. Handlebar width has also been carefully calculated so that when steered from left to right it does not contact the rider, unlike many other cruiser-style handlebars.


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