Ultimate Umbrella


Our high-quality beach & patio umbrella provides 98% UV protection & measures nearly 8 ft. in diameter. (Chairs rented separately)

*As per local ordinances, all items must be removed from the beach at sunset-Check out our daily umbrella setup service!


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(Chairs rented separately). Our 8′ in diameter ultimate beach/patio umbrella is made of the highest quality materials available. The Sunbrella canvas has been tested and proven to provide up to 98% UV protection from harmful effects of the sun and has been awarded the “Seal of Recommendation” by The Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer. This UV protective factor of the umbrella’s canvas is not reduced by usage or exposure to the sun.

Ultimate beach/patio umbrella setup guide (view video):

  1. Shake open with umbrella upside-down.
  2. Lock umbrella open at push-button stopper.
  3. Insert stake into metal sleeve of umbrella.
  4. Flip umbrella to “right side up” & use a rocking or circular motion to ease stake into the sand.
  5. Angle umbrella so the “top” is into the wind.

*As per local ordinances, all beach items must be removed from the beach at sunset-Check out our daily umbrella setup service!

Additional upgrades include our Umbrella Anchor, Umbrella Stand (for patio use) and Umbrella Table.

Classic chairfootrest (pictured) are rented separately.

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