Cargo Wagon (XL Beach Wagon)
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Cargo Wagon (XL Beach Wagon)

Need to get your kids and your stuff to the beach? From our family to yours, this is the ultimate wagon to get your gear to the beach! The 600 lbs. capacity cart will take just about anything you can pile into it! We include extra-long tie-down straps to keep it all safe and secure, and stacked! The cargo wagon will roll on the sand, but is best suited for getting you to the beach (on pavement or hard surfaces). Please note: When heavily loaded, it can be challenging to pull the wagon on loose sand. We recommend this cart to get your stuff to the beach access; not necessarily to pull over the loose sand. This cart can hold much more than our Utility Cart (with the big wheels). Please see the comparison photos (click more images) under the main picture. We used the Cargo Wagon to haul 8 Oak beach chairs, 4 umbrellas, 1 boogie board, 1 skim board, swim fins, and had room for more!

Our price: $75.00
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